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Zero Foil 2 Landfill Group Scheme


The Scheme is run by Prismm Environmental Limited and sponsored by the British Printing Industry Federation (BPIF)


The Prismm Zero Foil 2 Landfill Scheme has been set up with the aim of reducing the amount of metalized polyester waste being sent to landfill


The scheme applies to and will benefit all the companies that produce metalized polyester waste being sent to landfill



Metalized polyester / Laminated paper / Matrix waste / Silicon / Packaging paper / Waste foil on cores / Make-ready and set-up reels


Cost savings / Environmental and regulatory compliance / Streamlined and efficient waste disposal

  • Review all waste stream sytems and contractor collection methods

  • Review 3 months' worth of purchase invoices

  • Summary of your current processes

  • Proposal for changes to current systems

  • Like-for-like price comparisons between the two systems

  • We handle the transition

  • No commitment to long term contract

  • See the benefits before you commit

On-going services provision

Total Waste facilities management services, including

compliance and logistics


Foil waste is going directly to landfill even when it can be recycled or recovered

  • Thousands of tonnes of foil waste is landfilled in the UK annually

  • Mainstream waste contractors are not able to offer viable recovery options for bulky foil waste

  • Landfilling the waste is costly and expensive

  • No waste company offers a waste management solution for foil produces

  • Logistics of moving this waste is difficult due to economies of scale

  • Brand owners and supermarkets putting pressure on the supply chain and their environmental standards



  • You do not have to store more than 600kg of waste on your site at any one time


  • We will manage this whole process for you and integrate all other waste streams to increase efficiency


  • We guarantee that none of your foil waste is taken to landfill


  • Your competitors may already have cot effective environmentally sound waste collections


  • By working with us you will be eligible to apply for the Zero Foil 2 Landfill certification

Become a member of the Prismm Zero Foil 2 Landfill Group Scheme

  • We are able to process your foil waste and avoid sending it to landfill

  • Size no longer matters as we can collect anything from 600kg to 26 tonnes per collection

  • Every printer in the UK from the smallest to the largest can join the scheme

  • We have developed a cost effective and efficient logistical network that covers the entire UK

  • We guarantee total recovery of your foil and can supply Certificates of Destruction for all foil collectors

  • Foil printers already signed up to the scheme are ensuring foil waste is diverted from landfill on a daily basis



  • Our treatment options are cheaper than other current practices

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